Tubes & Pipes for Pressure Applications

Seamless, hot finished, standardized and customized
voestalpine Tubulars’ Tubes and Pipes for Pressure Applications are used in all areas of heat transfer, including the splitting up of extracted media in refineries, energy management in power stations and petrochemical plant component.
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  Fields of Applications

  • Refineries - for hydrocarbon processing/ media extraction
  • Power plants (Power Generation) – as unalloyed and medium alloyed steel grades
  • The chemical and petrochemical industry – as components
  • The nuclear industry – with extended testing procedures
Product characteristics & customer benefits

At your choice: standardized or customized

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  • Carbon steel and low alloyed tubes and pipes are manufactured in size ranges between 26.70 to 200.00 mm (1.050 and 7 ⅞ inch) in grades according to international standards as well as to customer specifications. For various customized solutions we can offer tests with internationally recognized test certificates, because our testing facilities have an accreditation in the field of mechanical materials testing according to ISO/IEC 17025: 2017.

Certified, safe and reliable

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  • Numerous certifications according to national and international standards proof the quality of voestalpine Tubulars and the conformity with environmental, safety, health and other important rules, regulations and values.

Certifications related to Tubes and Pipes for Pressure Applications:

  • Pressure-Equipment-Directive: voestalpine Tubulars runs a quality management system, which has undergone a specific assessment for materials of pressure equipment (PED 2014/68/EU Annex I, section 4.3) and is certified by a competent body (TUEV SUED).
  • Pressure components: TUEV AD 2000 W0 / TRD 100 and AD 2000 W4.
  • All certificates are here available.
  • All our customers in this field of application certify in our annual customer satisfaction survey, carried out by a third party company, that we are a reliable partner throughout the whole process – from first contact/ inquiry to service after sales.

Our range of standardized product solutions

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  • The main standards for our products for pressure applications are ASTM and EN.  Find out more about our standardized product solutions – have a look in our brochure.