voestalpine Austria Draht product range

Produced in Donawitz and Bruck






High-Quality Wire Rods




Based on continuous casted and rolled billets 500,000 t/a of wire rod with diameters from 5.0 mm up to 32.0 mm are rolled in a continuous process .Voestalpine Austria Draht can offer various kinds of surface treatment (pickling, phosphate and polymer coating) and heat treatment (soft annealing). The pickling plant comprises an annual capacity of 140,000 mt and the annealing plant 70,000 t.






















Drawn Wire



Springs of all types, particularly for the automotive industry


Chains for all national and international standards


Parts from cold-heading rods for the automotive industry


Input stock for rolling contact bearings


Welding filler


Cold drawn wires with diameters down to 0.5mm


Low and high carbon wires

Cold-heading wire

Rope and spring steel wire

Profile wire

Shaped wire











Prestressing Steel



Prestressing wire strands


Prestressing concrete strands


Prestressed concrete strands





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